Bill Gates writes in TIME that U.S. foreign aid helps keep America safe by responding to pandemics and other emerging threats.

The Implications of Marital History Change on Women’s Eligibility for Social Security Wife and Widow Benefits, 1990–2009

Is AI Sexist? « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

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War and the Population Explosion: Some Ethical Implications. John M. Swomley gives evidence of the planetary population problem, the dynamics of the world ’ s

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To inform a potential change in policy, a RAND study examined the health care needs of transgender military personnel, costs of gender transition-related care, and

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Surrogacy Its Legal Implications. A surrogacy agreement is an arrangement to carry a pregnancy for intended parents. Surrogacy can be classified into two main types

Facts. As a result of the Suez Crisis some mining properties of the appellant Anisminic located in the Sinai peninsula were seized by the Egyptian government before

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Islam: Governing Under Sharia. Sharia, or Islamic law, is increasingly in the spotlight as its political and economic role expands in the Muslim world and even in the

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Each year CFR organizes more than one hundred on-the-record events, conference calls, and podcasts in which senior government officials, global leaders, business

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10 Conflicts to Watch in 2017 From Turkey to Mexico, the list of the world’s most volatile flashpoints got a lot more unpredictable this year.

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